Friday, July 20, 2007

i be loving these right about now…

  1. Cat Power
  2. Bacon – it’s just a powerful taste
  3. My roommates – how did I ever score such gals?
  4. The wicked good night’s sleep I had last night
  5. Buying songs because the boss left early today
  6. Photographs – seriously, where would you do w/o them?
  7. Sweet, adorable voice messages from Mom
  8. Rockin’ out to Davey Jones in my driveway
  9. Road trips with Funyuns – I like to breathe on innocent passengers
  10. Electric Light Orchestra – what up, Mooney.
  11. Blonde highlights
  12. Crying just enough so the tears well up but don’t fall
  13. Having no time because it’s filled with crazy summer plans
  14. My sweet Jennie Sue

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Favorite Cat Power song:

Metal Heart.
I'm in love with your blonde highlights right now too, and Electric Light Orchestra, I think Mooney's "cover" of Do Ya is pretty hot.
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