Wednesday, July 18, 2007

things you do want to promised

From a co-worker and dear friend:
I cannot tell you how much I love that Org Chart. Seriously - already it is SO helpful.

From every single person you invited:
I will be there!
(followed by profound expressions of anticipatory excitement)

From your sister:
You are brilliant.
(and since she’s seen it all from you over the years, it’s overwhelming that she’d think so.)

From your mom:
Daughter to Daughter, thank you for being at the crossroads.
(too personal to explain, but maybe you can imagine what it takes for a mother to relate to you as a daughter of God.)

From your server:
Actually, that man over there just paid for your lunch. He said to tell you “thanks for the smile.”
(I know, right?!)

From your bishop:
Thank you for the incredible young woman you have become and are today!

From Bravo Announcer:
The All Day Top Chef Marathon starts now. (and you’ve got nowhere you need to be.)

HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, SO helpful.
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