Monday, July 16, 2007

things you don’t want to hear…

From your Driver’s Ed instructor:
“You know, you’re a real nice girl and I like you a lot, but you can’t drive worth a lick.”

From your male therapist:
“Okay, so you said you have problems connecting openly with men. Do you really think therapy with me is going to help you?”

From your sister:
“You dress very matronly.”

From your dentist:
“Well buddy, from where I sit I see two crowns and at least one more root canal. [To his assistant] Let’s use the bigger one.”

From your dentist’s ceiling speakers:
“And I can’t fight this feelin’ anymoooooorrrre. I forgotten what I started fightin’ fooooorrrrrrr…"

From your ob/gyn:
“How old are you? And do you want to have kids someday? Well…I’d get on that.”

From your boss:
“Well, how’s my Little Miss Lack of Attention to Detail faring this morning?”

From the server:
“Sorry, we just ran out of the chocolate cheesecake.”

From your mother:
“I just don’t want you to have to face everything alone anymore.”

From Mel’s Tow Service:
“It’s $119. Cash only. [pause] There’s an ATM down the road.”

Just so we have a little balance, tomorrow I’ll post things you do want to hear.


So are these all real, I mean really said to you? I must know. I need to keep track of things like that. I think I'll start a empty journal with notes like these.
eek. They can pile up can't they? How about I give you a start on things you want to are the most beautiful talented and amazing girl, and I love you.
Ouch! I can't wait to hear that good things.
Jess: Yes, all actually said to me. But this is why I am strong. Like Ox.

Rachel: I just love you.

Hass: Comin' your way, darlin. Hope Spain is treating you well!
Time for a vacation, I think.
See that's another good thing about blogs. The comments you receive give you a good indication of how you're coming across to people. I meant this to be more humorous. But maybe it's just a bit too harsh to laugh at. And maybe I need to see that.
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