Thursday, August 23, 2007

happy birthday peg - - today you are a man.

Inside joke.

So Peggy was born just a few short years ago and last night we celebrated it! We went candlepin bowling!

For those non New Englanders who have no idea what that is, Nat's got a fairly decent explanation of it on her blog.

So I took this picture, and it stinks because Peg is totally cut off. But you can still see the adorableness, can't you?!

This is the guy who taught me how to use a camera.

Yes, Dad was there too.

Look at Peggy bowl!

Look at Peggy blow! (same letters as bowl, only rearranged! Cool!)

Nat and Ju, co-party planners, demonstrate the open mouthed smile. Always a hit. (And yes, that's Dad in the background still trying to make the camera go "shoot-shoot.")

Look at all those wacky bowlers!

I like Mooney. He cools me down after small altercations with bowling alley employee blockheads. Turnip heads, lazy, good for nothing...grrr.

So Peggers, this roll's for you baby. Watch out. Love you.

Mary, I think you neglected to mention how you did practically EVERYTHING for this party. Ju and I were co-background-planners. You did all the work girl!

We sure had fun, didn't we?
Peggy should have birthday's more often, that was super Mar!
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