Sunday, September 16, 2007

a day separate

Drove myself to the Boston Temple this morning and did a little thinking. It was warm in the sun, and cool in the shade, with a breeze that reminded me it's definitely September in New England. Gorgeous.

I was a little cold, so I found a sunny spot to perch.

My seat faced the front entrance. I sat down on the bench and enjoyed the total solitude for a few moments. Then I tried to pray. I tried to pray out loud. Nothing came. Too many thoughts all happening at the same time. Many of them not very happy. Which is why I went there. All that ended up coming out was, "You know what I would say."

This is the view from where I was seated. This is the front entrance of the temple. And then I started getting all metaphoric in my head about approaching the gate seeking sanctuary, etc. I started to cry. Really, really cry. Oh wow, I totally sobbed. I was afraid someone was going to see me, but I couldn't stop. It felt good.

Then I opened my scriptures, and read Chapter 22 of 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. This is the same as Isaiah Chapter 54 in the Old Testament.

I got up and walked around the grounds for awhile. I realized I wanted to remember September 16th 2007, because it was a beautiful one. So I took all these pictures to remind me of what happened. I'm hoping in September of 2008 I'm going to look at them and have one of those "wow" moments, where you realize how much you didn't know then, and how much things have changed since, and what an amazing God we have to know what you need when, and how much to stretch you, because it produces the most indescribable happiness in the end.

And then I went to church, and it was fantastic.


I love you Mary Webster and your photos too!
How beautiful - enter His gates with Thanksgiving. This is something I am praying about - instead of going to church being a "chore" I would like to get back the excitement I used to have when coming to church. It's a beautiful feeling.

I hope you're feeling better. I have been thinking about you.

hey guess what- i like you- you wanna be my friend?
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