Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sorry i've neglected the blog lately...

Sometimes this job can be really interesting. Right now, I’m working on a research memo for the College I work for, concerning the Virginia Tech shootings last April. Reports, both internal and state-wide, have been conducted, and my job is to review the reports and extrapolate what recommendations are offered from those reports. Basically, I’m preparing a work product which might help my campus stay safe. And that’s pretty cool.

I’m still glad I’m going part-time, though. My first music lesson is next Thursday at 3:00 p.m. in Lexington. I can’t wait.
Glad to see you are blogging again!! I sure wish A.J. could take singing lessons from you. He has lessons with Dan Bishop (singing instructor for Clovis East). But I would certainly feel more confident in your abilities. Great to see all the wonderful pictures you post. It really looks like you are have a lot of fun!!!
In your music lessons I think a good place to begin is with Do a deer a female deer, Ra a tropic golden sun, Me a name I call myself...etc. It really helps.
Rachel, I didn't think it possible, but your comment endears me more to you now than I ever thought possible.
Good luck, Mer. And, I miss you!
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