Thursday, October 18, 2007

keeping the candle lit

I've told a few friends about a play I know I'm supposed to write. I even know what it's about, and I know what it's supposed to say. I just don't know how to say it. So I write other plays, thinking that will help me become a better writer for the play I know I'm supposed to write.

I can't tell you how strange it is to have dialogue running in your mind spoken by a woman you've created but not written down yet. I'm intimidated to the teeth by her; I don't know how to do her wisdom justice. I'm just not that good.

Then today, my dear friend sent me a quote I've read many times before, but needed to read again. And then the candle lit up inside me. Here's the quote:

"The story of Mormonism has never yet been written nor painted nor sculptured nor spoken. It remains for inspired hearts and talented fingers yet to reveal themselves." -Spencer W. Kimball, Teachings

Okay, okay. Okay.


In my opinion, this just means that you'll have to compete against the cheesy Mormon pageants and movies out there. Which shouldn't be hard to do. So go get 'em tiger.
you got this babe.
I can't wait...I know it will be amazing. I found a letter you wrote to me a hundred years ago. It was so nice and brought back so many memories. It was about how you understood what I went through as a model trying to walk the line of values and modesty because of the expeirences you had with directors etc. It was so wierd that I would find it just fell out of a book I was getting out of a box! After not seeing or talking to you for so long and then stumbling upon your blog....
By the way...i just realized that all this time I have been stalking your blog, you can't even get onto me, jsscbrwn at (I can send you an official blogger invite) if you have in interest in reading about my totally uneventful life.
Jess! I love you! Remember when you and Dave T. were dating in high school? I could look out my window and see you guys roller blading around the neighborhood. I remember wanting to be you just about every single day of my life. So why would that stop now? I would love to read your blog.
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