Tuesday, October 16, 2007

P to the M to the S...

This morning my boss comes in first thing and hands me a box wrapped in deep red paper and a big gold bow. "From C*." (Boss' beau.) It's Belgian chocolate. And the tears begin to flow. They need to commit me, I swear. A present! A present after a sleepless night, and a hard morning, and a long day of work and teaching ahead! God loves me.

I wrote C* a quick email. We've been friends for many moons now, you see. Whenever he calls for the boss he always asks me how I'm doing, I inevitably get dating advice or a career pep talk or something. He's fantastic.

"Thank you so much for the chocolate," I said. "I've just ruined my breakfast. God bless you for that."
C* sounds like a super person, everyone deserves more chocolate in their life.
Technically Mary, you didn't ruin your breakfast. You see, the Belgian Chocolate comes from the same family as Belgian Waffle, which is a popular breakfast in most fine Denny's establishments.

We women can ALWAYS justify CHOCOLATE!! :)
I freaking love and miss the Grandy.
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