Monday, July 25, 2005

what is with me today?


I’m in one of those moods where a big crisis is no problem, but a broken nail just might force me to kill someone.

This morning I’m on the bus to Kendall/MIT and I happen to sit behind the most lovey-dovey girl couple ever. One of the girls’ chin was in desperate need of some tweezers. I’m sorry to be so mean, but it just bugged the crud out of me. A meadow was growing on this girl’s chin. This is how ridiculous my thoughts are: why would Girl A even want to cuddle with Girl B whose got a meadow growing on her chinny-chin chin? You can’t tell me you don’t notice it. Shoot, I got a half-second glance at her profile and that’s ALL I could see - - Meadow. You know, sometimes loving someone means telling them to pluck. So stop with the neck massage and practice good grooming.

I get off the bus and start my walk across the Longfellow Bridge into the city. Shortly after I begin up the bridge, I realize that I’m closing in on an older lady walking in front of me. Would you believe… I started to get irritated with her. I begin thinking, “I don’t want this lady to be in front of me. Too slow! Too slooooww!” I eventually pass older lady, and try to make it look like I’m not the witch that I actually am.

I get to the center of the bridge, and the wind is really picking up. My hair, my skirt, everything is blowing to the left with a fair amount of force. So what do I do? I get mad at the wind. Yeah. I start thinking, “can you just calm down so I don’t look like a royal mess when I roll into the office this morning? It’s bad enough I grabbed this skirt from my bedroom floor, now I’ve gotta look like I don’t brush my hair either?”

I’m getting mad at the wind. Let’s just think about the futile waste of energy that is.

It’s at this point that I realize I have got to get a grip.

I get to the office and check my email first thing. No messages. What th....FINE!

I wish I could quietly turn off my computer right now, leave the office and walk back over the Longfellow Bridge, away from the city. The wind will blow my hair and everything to the right. Older lady is at work now, so I won’t be running into her. I’ll take the bus back to my house, mindful to avoid sitting next to any hairy couples. I’ll throw in a Jane Austen film and break out the Peanut M&M’s. I swear, after that I’ll be a much better person.
Sounds like a case of the Mondays.

But seriously...I have days like those sometimes. Where just every little last thing really irritates me and gets under my skin and I just want to go back to my apartment and see nobody, except that i dislike my neighbors, so I don't really want to be at my apartment either. It's awful, and then I feel like a wretched person. But then it passes.

So I hope it passes soon for you and the day gets better. And if not... those peanut m&ms are waiting, much like my reeses peanut butter cups wait for me at home for just such emergencies.
Oh Richard! I can empathize completely! I hope your day gets better. Just take some deep breaths and chill. And I will email you, Richard. Didn't you get my pictures of Paulo?
P.S. My blog is now an abortion soap box. Any idea how that happened? I said "sandra come back" and badabing.... we got a lady out of nowhere giving me recomended readings on abortion. Go figure. NO, actually no. Don't go figure.
I know exactly how you feel. I bought a car this weekend. I'm very happy about it but obviously it is a lot of money and I found my self getting very angry about the cost of my lunch today. How dare they charge $6.oo for a Ceaser salad!!! How is it possible that a Diet Coke costs two dollars, etc. I too have taken a step back and observed my own behavior and I must admit that I had a nice laugh at my own expense.
Thanks everyone. It's nice to get feedback, even when you're a poopy pants.

Richard, I did get the photos. Thank you, Richard.

Danielle, cool you got a car!! Describe! I hope the Caesar was huuge. $6.00 - - ridic. Airport prices.

g - - peanut butter cups are also a favorite. Shoot, now I need a chocolate fix!
p.s. Richard
I noticed the abortion threadjack happening on your blog.

Best way to handle it is post, post, post. Anything not even remotely close to abortion. Write a couple of funny stories, and you'll/they'll be over it soon.

Plus, then we'll all have more funny stuff to read!
Have you ever tried almond M&Ms? Perfect for poopy days! I'm all about chocolate therapy, sometimes with viewings of Colin Firth movies.

Currently, in my refridgerator, there are three bags of M&M's:
peanut butter
One for every possible crisis.

Mmmmm...Colin Firth. Mr. Dahhcy!
I'm not a pig, there was a sale - -three for $5.

Stop judging me.
Oh, there is no judging, just hope of the sharing. Did you ever know that you're my hero?


p.s. peanut butter m&ms might be better than reeses pieces.
I tried to make some witty comment, but blogger ate it. Probably all this talk about chocolate made blogger hungry.

Anyways...there is no judging. Just jealousy!

Although I have to disagree wtih Cat about the reeses pieces vs pb m&ms thing. I like reeses pieces much better. However... if they could put the superior reeses peanut butter inside a dark chocolate m&m, they might convert me.
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