Monday, November 07, 2005

body breakdown

Right now I’m drinking a Pepsi. Not a Diet Pepsi. A Pepsi. Fully loaded Pepsi. Pepsi leaded. And I’m a Coke fan. A Diet Coke fan!

I guess I just feel like being wild and wacky. I’m playing games with my body to see how it will process caffeine, caramel color, 41 grams of sugar, and carbonation on top of Chinese dumplings and a sugar cookie. I think I’ve got some sort of digestive death wish going on. Why do I feel the need to self-destruct?! (think of Sally Struthers’ face when you read that last sentence. You know that “plleeeez help theeeem” look).

Last evening I had a wonderful dinner. Butternut squash lasagna (no, I didn’t make it, what are you kidding) with asparagus and salad. I think I actually heard my stomach saying to me, as I nibbled on a lovely green spear, “um…scuse me….what is this, please? We’d like some more of it.” I felt so guilty.

On top of everything else, I think my uterus is getting grouchy with me again. Can’t really blame her. Nobody gives her a chance.

Next thing you know my pancreas will stage a strike, the tibulas and fibulas will request a leave of absence, and my ear canals will complain that I never listen. All from one non-diet, full loaded/leaded Pepsi. And I’m a Coke fan! A Diet Coke fan!
You are very entertaining. I just ate a chocolate cream filled donut as my form of dietary rebellion.
Hi Mary - what's your position on Dr. Pepper? That's MY fave.
-Ordinary Girl
Mmmmm...the Dr. P. Yeah. I was so addicted to DP in high school, but now not so much.

My sister and her husband like Mr. Pibb over the good Dr. What are your thoughts about the Pibb, O.G.?

g: "dietary rebellion" that's classic. I'll be using that one. Rock on, sister.
Yeah, I'm working on the whole feeding my body what it really needs instead of what it thinks it wants right now... And I sortof wish that chocolate were against the word of wisdom so that I could give it up for religious reasons.
sorry, don't know what Pibb is...but then, I come from a highly dysfunctional family and was not introduced to many of the better things in life. do tell.
OG: You know how Sprite is owned by Pepsi and 7UP is owned by Coke? (well, maybe you don't actually, it's not like this is important information). I think Dr. Pepper is owned by Pepsi, and Mr. Pibb is owned by Coke. Coke's version of Dr. Pepper. Some taste a difference, some don't. I guess they don't see it everywhere, if you'd never heard of it. Hmmmm...

Cicada: We could institute a season of lent for Mormons, see who'd catch on. I used to have a theory that because we voluntarily abstain from so many stimulants, food can become our drug. But perhaps that's a post for another time.

The joys of reading your blog. It's wonderful to get bits and pieces of you. Hope you are doing well. Miss you tons!!
Love, love,
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I always thought that Dr. Pepper and Sprite were independents. Was I wrong?
Oh, no...staunch republicans both of them.
Actually, Cicada, I'm not sure either.

I'll go to the grocery store today and check out the labels. Stay tuned....

Call me Soda Sleuth.
I just drank a bathtubful of Diet Coke. I should make it through my class without passing out from exhaustion.
I think Sprite is a Coke product. Not sure about Dr. Pepper...I really don't like the good Dr so I don't keep tabs on it. However, I do rely heavily on the wonderful Pepsi product of Mountain Dew. But I try to limit it to 1 can a day.
Huh...maybe I've got it backwards then, g. And I've completely forgotten about the whole Sierra Mist thing. Maybe Pepsi owns Sierra Mist. Hm.

Sorry to peddle useless, and inaccurate, information. Who knew that this post would yield so many responses. I was having trouble with what to write!
Miss Hass: you are my idol. I can't seem to drink that much D.C. anymore without experiencing the physical sensation of a hole being drilled into my stomach lining. Best of luck in getting through your day, my dear!
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