Tuesday, March 28, 2006

10 days + a major case of writers block

I'm sorry, I still can't think of a stinking thing to write. Will you take this in the meantime? It's my sister and I going over more sitcom ideas. We welcome your suggestions. Thanks.

Amanda: or what if I hired you to be on the new sitcom I'm writing?
for NBC
no, Fox. They get more viewers
yeah, Fox.
me: yeah, that'll work. so what's the premise?
Amanda: well, it's about a monkey who's a chouffer
so he's always in a suit and hat
me: it's not about a kangaroo named jack?
Amanda: hahahaha!!!
he's actually the supporting role
and you would play the love interest
me: of jack or the monkey?
Amanda: both
me: challenging
Amanda: and a dung beetle named Gyro
me: i can't breathe
Amanda: yes, it's got a lot of layers
you would really have to prepare for this role
me: i'll get a season pass to wild kingdom
Amanda: I'm sorry, that's not going to be enough
I'm going to need you to contact Jane Goodall...
and the guy who played crocodile dundee
me: wait
Amanda: and perhaps join an aboriginal tribe
and sell a kidney
and gain 400 pounds
and shave your head
me: you didn't mention any crocs, gorillas or
Amanda: let the hair grow out
then shave it again
I said monkey
me: not the same thing
Amanda: didn't you hear me say monkey?
me: not the same thing
Amanda: potato potato
me: crocs?
Amanda: well, they're sort of like Kangaroos
only amphibious
and no pouch
alright, I can tell this isn't going to work
you don't have the vision
me: you mean i'm not insane
i'm going to start stealing your ideas and then i'll make a fortune
and i'll forget to mention you in the credits
Amanda: you foolish girl
me: because you said i don't have the vision
Amanda: you think I haven't already patented my ideas?!
me: you can't patent ideas!
Amanda: like I would be stupid enough to share my monkey choufferkangaroojacklove story without securing it first
me: good title
Amanda: well I'm sure you're going to try to steal that too
me: no, i'll just change it around enough to where you can't sue me
Amanda: okay vanilla ice
me: something like jacklovemonkey kangaroo you wish you were vanilla ice
Amanda: that's no secret
me: maybe jackloomonkanga key
Amanda: or just Love Monkey, Kanga?
me: or maybe Love is a Jungle
Amanda: Or MidKanga's Night Monkey
me: A Long Monkey's Kanga Into Love
Amanda: Meet the Kangonkeys
me: or no, i got it
what if the monkay had a butler?
and his name was Mr. Bigglesworth?
Amanda: Mary!! that's ridiculous!!
Like a monkey would have a butler!
give me a break...
me: all right, all right, here me out...
Amanda: this is why I am the writer and you are the actor
me: so he's a monkey, right?
Amanda: yes
me: and he's got a butler, okay?
named Mr. Bigglesworth?
and he answers the door
Amanda: no, I see your point...
me: yeah
Amanda: and when you put it that way, I can see...
me: exactly!
Amanda: but I still don't think it fits here
me: well i'm open to suggestions
Amanda: this show is about sophistication, tenderness, rage, lust, spasms, phlegm, beenie babies...
not butlers
me: what about a reality show about monkey butlers coping with rage?
Amanda: with beenie baby collections?
me: we'll call it Cage Ragers?
Amanda: now you're talking
me: i'll call my agent
Amanda: done
me: and scene
Amanda: I think I may have to take this home and put it in my notes
me: i was thinking the same thing
Amanda: someday... we'll be discovered
me: of course we will!
Amanda: and then we will change our names
Talulah and BeeBo
me: dibs on Bee Bo
Amanda: aww man!!!

Very interesting. I'd totally watch...except that I can't support anything with monkeys wearing clothes.
Man, you girls are something else. Something else which is good. In a good way. I love the you're family in all thier hilarity.
g: You know, one would think my sister would have a problem with that. have you seen her blog lately? That girl is just a walking mess of contradictions.

sarita: I'm loving the new photo, you cutie! We think we're funny. But mostly it's just weird. Also not funny.
I think it funny. Weird, but also funny. And perhaps I shall go check your sisters blog.
Weird and funny are the ultimate combination. And you are too kind.
I actually hate seing animals in clothing. It makes me really angry. Which is a total contradiction, I agree.
What's wrong with me?!
manda: nothing's wrong with you, you hear me? you've got the blood of muliwa in your veins, girl! you think she'd be proud of you, saying things like that?

hope your new haircut is divine, paka!
Ohh Paka! Thank you! I look slightly like Moe, but it'll grow. (I'm a poeuht and I didn't even know uht!)
Stop uht.
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