Thursday, August 10, 2006


Lookie here what I got in my inbox yesterday…

Hi Mary,

I was wondering if I could call on you to say the closing prayer at
Sacrament Meeting this Sunday. Will you be in town? I'd very much
appreciate it! :)

Mental note: stay away from big words this time.
As I have always loved to say, The world is your oyster, run with it!
Correlation Meeting last Sunday went something like this:
"Get that Mary Webster to pray again so we can practice yanking people off the stand."
Or maybe in the future I could bring up a friend with me and, like in Primary, have him or her prompt me on what to say:

"[whisper]...please bless our teachers..."

Good idea!
By the way, you did great, just marvelous.
At least you didn't make reference to the high greased poop leader.
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