Thursday, October 05, 2006

so good

So the monologue went over very well last night. Both the instructor and guest playwright had good things to say. They helped me brainstorm on this subject of crazy office dynamics and I think there’s a play in here somewhere. Very exciting stuff. This weekend I shall be shut away writing two scenes and another monologue as assigned me for next class.

Exciting announcement: those of you who have been reading this blog for a while now will know that my poverty, my depravity, my lack of wherewithal, and my otherwise fiscally challenging lifestyle has been a common and much repeated theme upon which I write. Of course, I’ve never complained about it. I’ve borne it with great honor and decorum. I say “borne” (past tense) because…..I GOT A BIG FAT STINKIN’ RAISE. More than I expected. Way more. I’ve crunched the numbers, and determined I’m pretty much making one extra paycheck every month from now on. I feel like crying every time I think about it.

My boss brought me in on this news a few weeks ago, but being the paranoid gal that I am, I wanted to wait to announce it here until I had the official letter in hand. When she told me, I burst into tears, like one of those obnoxious twits on The Price is Right after she hears the words…IT’S A NEW LIVING ROOM!! (cue brass, applause, screaming, and hopping like an imbecile.) “Money does this to me, too” my boss said. We reveled together for a moment, I profusely thanked her over and over, and then she asked, “What are you going to buy first? Some big girl shoes?” I only had to think for a moment before my eyes misted over yet again as I answered with, “Noooo, new tires!!!” Because to drive my car in the winter is to want sweet death, and want it nigh. But not anymore! Girlfriend’s gettin’ all-weather tires! Yow! Happy raise to me.

To be serious for a moment, I just want to acknowledge the overwhelming blessing this truly is. I started a year and a half ago at this job, and the salary they originally offered was close to $10,000 less than what I asked. In spite of this, I still felt strongly I was supposed to take it. As a consequence, I’ve learned a ton, I’ve been given new assignments which interest me, I’m writing a play, I’ve been treated like a spoiled queen by two extraordinary women…and now, in only a year and a half, I’m making the salary I originally requested. Life is so unbelievably good.


Congratulations! Good to know deserving people get the goods sometimes. Go Mary.
Congrats on the raise. Surely you are worth much to your employer... and that can't go forever unrewarded. Unless you ever worked at KBYU, then clearly they can avoid giving you a raise no matter how much you carry the company on your back, like I did for 2 years... ungrateful pricks.
Exciting!! I will be sure to tell Terri. We both comment on how we worry about you not having enough money. Thank God He helped you in this area.
Oh my gosh, a million congratulations! I'm sure you must feel fantastic right about now. Good for you!!!
Happy Day! Congrats Mar, you deserve it!
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