Friday, August 17, 2007

since last friday

From only one of the most fabulous bloggers I’ve read. Nat, you get me. You just…you just get me. Because now I would deprive crippled children of their toys for you.

Have a lovely weekend, chaps!

I'm sorry those kind of look like giant weeds. That's unfortunate. But they're love weeds!
Mary. I've had 3 root canals. Soft teeth. From my Dad. Naturally and perfectly straight though. So I've got that.

I spoke to a dentist friend once about it. He said that soft teeth is a bogus diagnosis. That he would pay more attention to whats in my diet. Or my kissing schedule. Swapping spit is apparently very healthy.

I think that was maybe a line.

Point being: I will be your support group.
I'd like to welcome you to the dental trauma club, for the terminal root canal. I've had too many to count. My mouth is all silver and half my teeth, after their root canals, are fake. I expect that when I reach 40, which will be sooner than I think, I will just go to the dentist and ask him to just pull all of my teeth out and get some wooden ones.

I've even fell asleep during the last root canal--that's how jaded I am now--haha. The doctor wanted to give me a "best patient" award for that, but I had to tell him, the reason I fell asleep was because I'd just come from teaching high school all day and that any time I sat down I fall asleep

My good wishes and tic-tacs for the assistant go with you on the 6th.
Nat: I love the love weeds. Very sturdy stems. Like me.

Sarita: Great info! And since I refuse to stop eating crap, swapping spit sounds like the most agreeable solution to this problem. And all other conceivable problems.

Eden: Thanks for standing by me. Let's recite the serenity prayer. Ready?
We could just say a novena to St Apollonia, the patron saint of toothaches. (I'm serious on that, wikipedia said so!)

So it should go something like this.....Apollonia, full of grace, protect us from the dental drill, or we'll spit upon your face. The little tube of noviccaine will take away all our pain, till our mouths retrun from being num, drooling will be so much fun. Amen.
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